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About Yoga Garden SF
Based in San Francisco, California, Yoga Garden is a leading international professional yoga school. Yoga Garden instructors combine precise anatomical cueing and guided movement to invoke a transformative journey towards health and introspection.

Since the studio's inception, the owners and teachers of Yoga Garden SF have explored the relationship between traditional yoga styles—in particular, Iyengar, Ashtanga and Vinyasa—to effectively share the benefits of the practice to the community.

Though you will find a variety of classes, you will always find this:

  • the opportunity to have a transformative experience that will move you closer to a truer expression of yourself;
  • instruction based on real experience with artful and clear guidance
  • a firm commitment to promote your physical and psychological health as a path towards higher consciousness and self-actualization

You can trust that your yoga practice will be safe, effective and transformative under San Francisco Bay Area’s most competent and dynamic yoga teachers. Our teachers don’t just lead yoga classes—they embody and share the art of teaching. Intimately-sized classes give you unparalleled access to their expertise. We’re committed to providing an extraordinary personal experience of yoga, community, and care.