Jennie Wise

Just like all of you beautiful souls, I have struggled with self-worth & toxic thoughts. Now I treat myself with love, compassion, & grace. We invite you to join our soul collective for community & connection.  

During my 10-year healing journey, I’ve applied my specialist training to my own life. I’ve discovered and developed tools and techniques that help people to disempower their Inner Critic, boost their self-worth and encourage them to believe in themselves while owning their power.

Burnout, anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress habit, inner critic, and many other patterns are what brought me to the mat. So, I’ve been there... I’ve practiced, embodied, and taught yoga for holistic mental health. Using Yoga to transform unhealthy patterns.

I’m a Spiritual Teacher + Yoga Psychology Neuroscience + Cognitive-Behavioral Medicine + Meditation + Mindfulness coaching specialist + coach & consultant with advanced training in Los Angeles, CA shared with over 10,000 students. Completed a Master of Health Science (MHS) degree.
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