Module 1 - Weekend Only: Essentials Program for R.E.L. (Rest, Ease, Levity) - DAY TWO

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  • UZIT’s self-care workshops and community-care programs promote a sense of centering, calm and joy by integrating four supportive modalities: Yoga, Reiki, Essential Oils and Presence  
  • UZIT’s self-care workshops were designed by Colleen Saidman Yee, Rodney Yee, Marcia Miller, Tracy Griffiths and Mary Taylor

WHOM IS UZIT FOR?  Are there any enrollment requirements?
  • UZIT is for everyone and every day
  • UZIT’s self-care practices and community-care programs are intended to restore, reconnect and rebalance at home, work or in any other setting
  • No enrollment requirements.  No experience is necessary.  UZIT is for anyone
  • UZIT is also for people who are exhausted, anxious, in pain or not feeling as vital and creative as one would like to be

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS from the workshops and mentor sessions?  WHAT WILL I LEARN?
  • You will join a community that offers guidance, support and encouragement
  • Along with others, you will learn more about:
    • the confluence of Yoga, Reiki, Essential Oils and Presence to create your own embodied, daily self-care practice
    • our solution-oriented approach to RELIEF: Rest, Ease, Levity, Integrate, Energize, Focus
  • The mentor sessions are more in-depth and broken into smaller groups for more interactive and personalized attention

  • Currently, the workshops and mentor sessions are online-only, but depending on geographic locations, we hope to offer the same workshops in-person or hybrid later in 2022

  • Marcia Miller, Tracy Griffiths, Sarah Halweil and Gina Cunningham will lead the self-care workshop for Rest, Ease and Levity (R.E.L.)
  • to be announced for Integrate, Energize and Focus (I.E.F.)

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE between the programs?  WHAT IS THE SCHEDULE for each one?
  • Self-Care Weekend Workshop for R.E.L. (Rest, Ease, Levity) - Module 1
    • Essentials
      • weekend: 10 hours of live Zoom sessions 
        • April 8: Friday 6 - 8pm ET
        • April 9: Saturday 12:30 - 4:30pm ET
        • April 10: Sunday 12:30 - 4:30pm ET
    • Essentials+
      • 16.5 hours of live Zooom sessions
        • weekend: 10 hours (see above in Essentials)
        • weekdays: 6.5 hours over three weeks
          • April 12, 19 and 26: Tuesdays 7 - 8:30pm ET
          • April 28: Thursday 6 - 8pm ET
      • access to 6 hours of pre-recorded video library
    • UZIT Practitioner training program
      • 16.5 hours of live Zoom sessions (see above in Essentials+)
        • weekend: 10 hours
        • weekdays: 6.5 hours over three weeks
      • access to 6 hours of pre-recorded video library
      • homework and self-practice
      • written and oral assessments
      • more details at the end
  • Self-Care Weekend Workshop for I.E.F. (Integrate, Energize, Focus) - Module 2
    • see above for format
    • Dates and Times:
      • weekend: 10 hours
        • May 20: Friday 6 - 8pm ET
        • May 21: Saturday 12:30 - 4:30pm ET
        • May 22: Sunday 12:30 - 4:30pm ET
      • weekdays: 6.5 hour over three weeks
        • May 24, May 31 and June 7: Tuesdays 7 - 8:30pm ET
        • June 9: Thursday 6 - 8pm ET
Module 1 and 2 schedules
  • WHAT IF I MISS PART of the weekend workshop or one of the weekday mentor sessions (breakouts)?
    • Video recordings (i.e., replays) will be available for 4 weeks after the program ends

  • Essentials Module 1 is $300
    • $250 early-bird price, which ends on April 2
    • FREE for prior UZIT training program participants (2007-19)
  • Essentials+ Module 1 is $425
    • $375 early-bird price, which ends on April 2
    • $125 for prior UZIT training program participants (2007-19)
  • UZIT Practitioner training program Module 1 is $625
    • $575 early-bird price ends on April 2
    • $325 for prior UZIT training program participants (2007-19)
    • more details at the end

  • Unfortunately, we are not offering any payment plans or scholarships at this time, but hope to offer them in the future
    • We offer early-bird discounts for each program
    • Essentials is FREE for previous UZIT trainees with proof of participation

  • YES!  Earn $50 for each signup referral.  Only one referral credit per signup

WHAT DO I NEED TO BUY before the weekend?
  • You will need:
essentials oils

We recommend this link to Young Living Essential Oils  

Two alternative options:
  • Floracopeia
  • Rocky Mountain Oils


What are the requirements to become a certified UZIT Practitioner?
    • You must complete 6 modules to become a certified UZIT Practitioner
      • Modules 1 and 2: Self-Care
        • UZIT Practitioner training program - R.E.L.I.E.F.
          • two weekend workshops and eight mentor sessions (breakouts)
        • Homework during program
        • Oral and written assessments scheduled after the program ends
      • Modules 3 and 4: Caring-For-Others
        • We are currently updating the curriculum to follow R.E.L.I.E.F.
      • Modules 5 and 6: Clinical Rotations
        • specialize and spend time in the community that you will serve, e.g., corporate, medical, schools, veterans organizations, non-profits, government departments (city, state, federal), corrections facilities, etc

  • What is the difference between previous UZIT trainings (2007-19) and this new one?
    • Previous UZIT trainees, who completed the training programs and certification requirements from 2007-19, will be grandparented after assessment.  Please inquire at [email protected] 
    • We introduce R.E.L.I.E.F. with P.A.N.I.C. 
    • We have consolidated and refined the modalities, but the trainings will be very similar
      • The UZIT certification has shifted from a year-long training program into six modules to become a practitioner.  If you are beginning training in 2022, upon completion of Modules 7 and 8, you will be certified to teach UZIT trainees
    • Previous UZIT trainees can participate in the Essentials Weekend Workshop for FREE
      • Please inquire at [email protected] 
        • please include:
          • LOCATION (host organization and city): ________________
          • TEACHERS: ________________
          • MONTH and YEAR (participated, graduated or certified): ________________
          • if possible, please email a copy of your certificate