TREE POSE - Rooted from the Ground Up: The Evolution Series - Class #8

Jill Miller

Jill Miller C-IAYT, YA-CEP, ERYT.  Fascia Expert, Author of The Roll Model, Co-founder of Tune Up Fitness. Jill is a movement pioneer. She brought functional movement into the yoga industry 15 years ago with he...
Balancing on one leg is something you do thousands of times daily during the SWING phase of the gait cycle. But it’s often challenging to feel confident on a solo leg. This class will build single leg competence so that your grounded hip and foot learns to grow powerful roots.

Props used in this class:
YTU Therapy Balls/ ALPHA/ Blocks/ Stool

After doing the TREE POSE class, we recommend you also do the following class from the Replay Library.

The reason I'm pairing this replay class with the new TREE POSE Class is that standing on one leg naturally requires coordination of pelvis and core, but the anchor point into the ground needs to have just as much body smarts. This ankle class helps your lower leg confidence as you grow dynamically stable roots.

Mentorship Program for this Class (only with subscription):   
Evolution Series Mentor Class #2 - Sliding With Support

In the next phase of MOVE, BREATHE, ROLL Jill goes back to her roots, teaching 16 different one hour classes, breaking down and building into well-known Yoga Poses as the focus of each class. Using Roll Model® balls, other props and novel strength building exercises, Jill strategically sequences to properly prep the body for each pose.