The Twisted Breath: Rotate Your Respiration - 30 Minute Breath & Core Tune Up Live Recorded Session

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Jill Miller

Jill Miller C-IAYT, YA-CEP, ERYT.  Fascia Expert, Author of The Roll Model, Co-founder of Tune Up Fitness. Jill is a movement pioneer. She brought functional movement into the yoga industry 15 years ago with he...
In this 30 Min Breath & Core Class titled: "The Twisted Breath: Rotate Your Respiration", Jill takes you through a tour of rotation in your spine and the breath-pump that's inside of it. Your breath is a transient organ that passes in and out of your body. Its pressures influence everything it touches. This class introduces novel twisting motions to the diaphragm and its fascial interfaces and challenges the shape of your breath from inside out. 

Props Used in this Class: Coregeous Ball, Second Coregeous Ball or bolster or rolled up towel the size of Coregeous Ball, Block, Yoga strap, YTU Therapy Balls 

Each of Jill's 30 minute Breath & Core classes compound a number of scientifically proven features to nestle you into a parasympathetic dominant state. This helps calm you down prior to a stressful emotional situation or performance, center and sharpen your focus as you enter the day, unwind you after a grueling workout or game, or hasten your sleep at night.  Breath & Core Tune Up uses a combination of breath, cardinal positions, soothing therapy ball rollouts and mindset tools to promote recovery, resiliency and neural flexibility. 

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