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Jill Miller

Jill Miller C-IAYT, YA-CEP, ERYT.  Fascia Expert, Author of The Roll Model, Co-founder of Tune Up Fitness. Jill is a movement pioneer. She brought functional movement into the yoga industry 15 years ago with he...
Shoulder injuries are the 4th leading cause of visits to orthopedists for people over 40. Frozen shoulders and rotator cuff injuries lead the list of complaints. Old advice was to avoid movements that placed shoulders overhead. But what you don’t use, you lose. This class helps you massage and manage recalcitrant shoulders and build elastic endurance for longevity.

Props used in this class: Coregeous Ball, YTU Therapy Ball, ALPHA Ball, 2 Blocks, Wall, Elastic Band

After doing the SHOULDERS OVERHEAD: LOSE WHAT YOU DON'T USE class, we recommend you also do the following class from the Replay Library:

Some shoulder issues start due to chronic tension or poor fascial gliding in the hands and wrists. This class allows you to unwind the downstream impediments (your hands) to great shoulder mobility.

LIVE Interactive Zoom Call for this Class (only with subscription):   
May 5th; 10am PT

In the next phase of MOVE, BREATHE, ROLL, Jill focuses on common myths and misperceptions of practice that still persist in yoga and movement classrooms today. Each class tackles a myth that unrolls like a sticky mat when you filter it through anatomy, kinesiology and physiology. Join Jill on this fun myth-busting journey that also translates into other popular movement forms including pilates, CrossFit and Instagram Inspo. Each class will attempt to unpack a myth from a historical/contextual lens and take you through Tune Up Fitness movement practices that help your body to be a lab of curiosity and discovery.

One new class will be released every Thursday, over a 4 week period, followed by a Review Week on the 5th week, and LIVE Interactive Class with Jill on the 6th week based on your suggested area of focus!