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About Tribe Yoga and Wellness

To create a yoga community that inspires its members to awaken, be present, and give back with loving kindness. 

To serve the community with authenticity and loving-kindness through offering yoga and wellness services and products.


We are registered yoga teachers with Yoga Alliance each holding 500 hr certifications. Our primary area of study is alignment for strength and stability.  As well, we have taken multiple workshops and or hold certifications in other specific areas of yoga such as Wall Yoga, Restorative and Yoga for Recovery.  


"A caring community can help us create a safe domain in which a personal experiences can be expressed, expanded, and enriched. And in the safety, we can have a brand new experience of authentic, deeply personal experience. And these seats new reflective services we can try on new aspects of the self. We can discover how flexible we are, and how much more there is to us than we thought. We have multiple selves-and to claim these new versions of ourselves feels like liberation." 

Excerpt from On Community as Guru from the book Yoga and the Quest for the true self by Stephen Cope