WORKSHOP - Liberate Your Sacred Light

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Jamie Wozny

Jamie Wozny is a Soul Empowerment Coach and Reiki Master. She works with a wide variety of private clients, celebrity clients, as well as servicing large groups and private corporate clients like NBC, Hulu and So...
Liberate Your Sacred Light Workshop
From Hidden to Shining

Find and liberate your light with Jamie Wozny!

In this 90 minute workshop, Jamie works with those who have the potential to be bright, influential lights yet might be afraid of shining, feel unworthy or unlovable as they are. They deeply want liberation to live a heart aligned life of passion, purpose and the ability to share their sacred gifts with the world. 

Is this you?

In this safe space of unconditional love with Jamie, we will dive deep together and discover the longings of our heart and learn how to manifest them. We will journal, meditate and do EFT energy healings to clear what is in between you and living the life you want and shining. 

We’ll have some time at the end for a few questions so you’ll leave grounded in knowing what you want as well as allowing yourself full permission to want what you want. You’ll know the tools to create the life you want straight from your heart so you can unapologetically share your gifts with the world. 

Price: $14.99