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Ceri Bethan

Ceri has been a devoted practitioner in mindfulness for over a decade. Passionate about helping people fully inhabit their truest selves, she completed the Den 400 hour Teacher Training in early 2018. Ceri is als...
What would it be like to imagine yourself fulfilling your goals? Through deep relaxation and guided imagery, we will create the belief in the subconscious that these goals are fulfilled. 

You will cultivate positive emotions and a deep state of relaxation in this guided imagery meditation class. HYPNO-Journey will help you discover your own place within and connect you to your wise inner-guide, to help you step in to your confidence. This deep guided meditation will help you change your relationship to certain situations.

Those who have never done hypnosis before will find this gentle and accessible, actually many Buddhist teachers use imagery in their mediations as well. And those who are experienced meditators will love how deep this helps them go.