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Manna Dabholkar

A spiritual guide, a life coach who empowers you to explore your higher spiritual self, encourages you to seek the answers that lay within you, to build the life of your choosing. Building and Running Humanitaria...

Death Nesting and Death Doula

Death doulas, help the one who is dying at the end of their life with the transition process and the family to cope with the loss, just like birth doulas help at the beginning of life with the birthing process. We explore the role of Death Doulas and the lost art of Rudalis and Doulas. The guided death meditation was created by Atisha, a famous Buddhist Teacher who would make his students meditate over the 9 contemplations of death. Meditating on death is a common practice and is like a nuclear explosion through negative thinking and puts into perspective all the trivialities of life.

A meditative practice derived from the science of Consciousness, Life, and Death. This meditation was created to help you develop your Mediumship gifts from zero. It is offered for personal and spiritual growth that brings about an intuitive shift in the way you perceive and experience your life, your work, relationships, emotions, stress, and the world that you live in.
The class touches upon concepts that are necessary to open your senses for communication with other spiritual dimensions. Students will build on higher chakras 7th, 8th, 9th, and beyond to tap into their mediumship abilities. You will be guided to explore your highest potential, establish your own version of powerful self-transformative processes such as Consciousness, Detachment, Karmic Memory to empower. You will under guided meditation address key aspects of your own life, access to secrets of the ancient wisdom of death, and how to achieve the ability to communicate effectively with your friends and family in the Afterlife.