Halloween Full Moon Spooky Workshop: Talking to the Dead

Kathryn Schiff

Kathryn Schiff is an Energy Healer, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Minister, and Intuitive Teacher. She trained at the Center For Inner Truth in Santa Fe, NM. Kathryn practices a unique method that psychically looks a cl...
Join Kathryn Schiff during this rare Halloween Full Moon, when the veil between realms is thin and spirits gather. A true full moon on Halloween occurs only every 19 years! This purposeful time is when dimensions merge assisting communication with departed ones. We’ll connect with this Hunter’s Blue Moon energy to raise our vibrations even higher to meet those who have passed, are still hanging on, or have returned to offer support or healing. If there are any that need assistance in finding their way, we will help them on their journey. No matter who shows up or who you wish to commune with, you’ll experience your ability to communicate beyond this world and how we are not so separate after all.