Tarot Deep-Dive: The Divine Feminine

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Sophia Knapp

Sophia Knapp is a musician and natural Clairvoyant dedicated to helping people switch on the magic in their lives through the Esoteric arts and world of Tarot. She’s a native Californian, and her psychic lineage ...
Join Clairvoyant Tarot Reader, Sophia Knapp, for a deep dive into The Divine Feminine. Get to know The High Priestess, The Empress, and The World, the archetypes of Divine Feminine power in the Tarot. 

We'll cover:
  • Mystical symbolism 
  • Connection to Astrology 
  • Crystal companions
  • Everyday magic to welcome and embody their energies in your life. 

The intensive nature of this workshop will serve to deepen your understanding of the Tarot for self-reflection and/or giving readings. All levels are welcome.

You'll develop a personal connection with each card through guided writing, so please come prepared with a pen and paper.