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Kait Boehm

Kait is an Energy Healer, Soul Coach and Messenger of Love that has dedicated her life to empowering others to reconnect to their authenticity to live the life they so longingly desire.  She does this through Med...

In life, we shut our hearts down from heartbreak, pain, or disappointment. When we protect ourselves from feeling more pain, we also shut ourselves down from feeling joy, bliss, gratitude, etc.  This soundbath intends to clear away the negative to open your heart back up to feel all the feelings, to feel alive! 

This is a magical, deeply relaxing meditative sound journey combining sacred healing instruments and multidimensional energies from the healing waters of Bacalar, Mexico. 

Kait will channel a powerful combination of spirit from the Mayan Forces of Light, the Akasha, Egyptian and Hindu Dieties bringing you back into alignment with your authentic self while helping you release repressed energies that are stuck energetically in your chakra’s. 

This journey can expand your consciousness and open you to a deeper connection to your own unconditional self-love and inner peace. Your willing presence and openness to receiving is all that's required.