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Nia Ostrand

Nia is an innate healer who has trained in a variety of healing arts over the years to increase her knowledge of healing and self-expansion. With a compassionate heart, she endeavors to guide her students back in...

Foundational Unburdening

Release the weight of all burdens and explore your shifting foundation. Releasing that which does not support you and imagining new foundations that move and evolve as you do. 

Receive Akashic and Reiki healing energy as you are guided through a meditation that helps you release and relax into a state of deep peace. Reiki is universal life force energy that has been shown to relieve depression, anxiety, insomnia, pain, and more. When one receives Reiki their brain moves into an alpha state of deep relaxation. Akashic energy carries unconditional love, wisdom, and assistance from our guides, angels, and source, or from that which we equate those energies. It opens us to the "all possible" and the paradoxical nature of the oneness, which in turn expands our consciousness. You can have any belief system to receive these healing energies and you do not need to have any previous meditation experience. Relax, release, and receive during this weekly class.