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Solé Romero

Solé was introduced to meditation and energywork at a very young age by her mother who was a Reiki Master and devoted meditator. The intersection between spirituality and science was a place she found herself oft...

Recalling Peak Experiences

It's important to remember that over the course of life we will have many peak experiences or experiences with love, peace, or elation. What is also important to remember, is that these experiences are actually parts of you remembering yourself. We sometimes will attribute these states of being with specific people or places or activities that bring them out of us - but the truth is that they are always available inside of us and who or what we attribute them to were sent to us to help us remember how good life can feel. This class is a journey into that remembering.   

Meditation is a container within which we simultaneously remember and recreate who we are. In this class, you will be guided through the journey of recalling the aspects of yourself that have been forgotten in time, and out into embodying your most expressed self. An opportunity to begin again as more of you. Whether you're looking to better your life, live more embodied, or master your ways of being - this is for you.