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Nicholas Pratley

NICHOLAS PRATLEY is the founder and CEO of SP8CE. He fuses nearly 20 years of expertise in health and fitness with his passion for wellness to transform clients and businesses around the world. He is a licensed N...
The breath connects us to a new space- one that lives within us, and all around us. 
It's within that space, where we feel free, renewed, revitalized lives. 
So let's practice releasing into it. 

Join Breathwork Expert, Nicholas Pratley, for a powerful experience through the energetic layers of the human biofield. Utilizing the breath to ignite the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers, then accessing the luminous layer where our pure light and essential frequency lives. 

Nicholas shares, "The breath is magic, its intelligence is designed to open the energetic pathways of the body and when fully opened, life does the same - empowering us on the deepest level and revealing who we really are. "