Finding Grace in Grief: 5-Week Course

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Laurasia Mattingly

Laurasia is a (400-hour) meditation and mindfulness instructor, Reiki Master and a trained Mindful Schools Educator (a program designed to teach children and teens the tools of mindfulness). After the loss of her...

Finding Grace in Grief 5-Week Online Course

with Laurasia Mattingly

Loss is hard. Whether a loved one has passed, or a loved one is no longer present in your life because of a break-up, or you feel a deep sense of loss from a big life change… You inevitably are faced with grief. Grief is a wise teacher that needs visiting and caring for.  Neglect of grief results in missed opportunities to gain wisdom and understanding and can keep us trapped in a never-ending cycle of unhappiness.  Though meeting grief can feel scary, and facing grief asks you to empathize with your pain, it does deserve your resources.  Join Laurasia, as she teaches you to strengthen your relationship with grief, using wisdom from her own experience of her mother’s passing.  You will learn to make a friend of loss, and learn all it has to teach you to continue on beyond the pain.

5 Modules:
1. Conscious Peace
2. Mindful Awareness
3. Forgiveness & Compassion
4. Skillful Courage
5. Getting Unstuck + Allowing transformation

Wednesdays @ 5-6pm PST
Starting on Oct 13th - Nov 10th
*Replay will be available if you cannot join live

Price: $375