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Sophia Knapp

Sophia Knapp is a musician and natural Clairvoyant dedicated to helping people switch on the magic in their lives through the Esoteric arts and world of Tarot. She’s born and raised in California, and her psychic...

Invite Patience Into Your Heart.

Learning new ways of being takes time and consistency. Honor your timeline. Your level-headedness and honesty welcome blessings into your life. There is no beginning and end to grief, only acceptance and new experiences to build joy. Congratulations, you are slaying dragons. Choose what makes you feel excited to wake up in the morning. 

Breath-based warm-up meditation. Three channeled readings with the Morgan-Greer Tarot and the Christian Lacroix playing card deck. One card for the collective from the Kim Krans Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck: Sea Serpent.

The Fool // Queen of Cups // Eight of Diamonds

Five of Cups // Justice // Three of Clubs

The Devil // Knight of Swords // Ace of Clubs

Come to hear channeled Clairvoyant messages, amplify your intuition, and receive guidance on how to create and embody your highest vision for life. The class will start with a cleansing, centering meditation, and intention setting. Sophia will then offer customized pick-a-pile Tarot readings to illuminate the path ahead. This class is for you if you’re craving weekly spiritual support, and would also like to deepen your working knowledge of the Tarot.