WORKSHOP: New Moon Solar Eclipse Ceremony

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Jayson Moton

Jay is originally from Frankfurt, Germany and started his yogic path in 2008 by extensively studying the practice of Kundalini Yoga, which is considered the most comprehensive of all yogas and is called “Yoga of ...


Led by: Jayson Moton

What’s Your Story? Have you been able to fully tell it, own it, and love it without needing to put it on others?

There is a liberation and spiritual freedom when we realize that every moment is ours uniquely, ours to grow, ours to learn and we cannot expect that others share the same story or that we will share theirs. You may walk a very similar path as someone else, but their lessons, their reactions, their embodiment will be completely different than yours. How can we liberate ourselves from the binding stories we have either forced on others, forced on ourselves, or taken on?  How can we use the power of this new moon to radically step in to our authenticity so we can start seeing how our story truly unfolds. Join Jayson under this POWERFUL New Moon Solar Eclipse for a deep ceremony to reclaim your own unique life experience.

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