WORKSHOP: Past Lives: An Intuitive Healing Workshop

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Kathryn Schiff

Kathryn Schiff is an Intuitive Teacher, Energy Healer, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Minister and Guide. She did her training at Center For Inner Truth in Santa Fe, New Mexico and founded School of Intuitive Greater Hea...
Join Kathryn Schiff for this powerful workshop exploring past lives in an intuitive space.

Psychically reading a past life is important for many reasons. It gives healing to the life that is shown (if necessary) it releases trapped energy from that life and it frees us from those issues in this present lifetime. Often we bring issues from a past life into our current life, so reading and healing a past life helps us evolve from these issues and move forward. We may also get support and encouragement from a past life and bring this into the present. Our lives are for us to heal and transform from not to keep us stuck or held back. 

We invite you to join us to explore our past lives, get some information, heal and have some fun!