WORKSHOP: New Moon Workshop: Transform Karmic Patterns & Receive Psychic Mediumistic Readings

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Manna Dabholkar

A spiritual guide, a life coach who empowers you to explore your higher spiritual self, encourages you to seek the answers that lay within you, to build the life of your choosing. Building and Running Humanitaria...

New Moon Workshop

Transform Karmic Patterns & Receive Psychic Mediumistic Readings
Led by: Manna Dabholkar

When: Saturday, November 6th @ 5pm - 7pm PST

Under the November New Moon Energy, work with Manna and a team of Psychic Mediums to clear out Karmic Patterns before you get on with the Holiday season. Holiday traditions often bring pre-established Karmic dynamics into sharp focus, whether we embrace or resist it can mean the difference between the reunion feeling magical or strained. 

Manna sees Karmic Patterns manifest as fatigue, blocked energy manifesting as dis-ease, dramatic relationship conflict(s), stressful family reunions, stagnant career, and financial growth and more. If anything on that list sounds familiar, don’t worry, says Manna. We all have karma to deal with—it’s part of why we’re here. Once you allow Karma to build and accumulate, there is really no such thing as freedom. Everything that you do will be conditioned by your past. You can move towards freedom and owning your true self only by loosening the grip of Karmic Bondage, by practicing Kriya. 

After a guided Karmic Release, you will receive Psychic Mediumistic Readings to assess your current energy signature which will help you determine the direction you can take to create a life of your choosing and step into this Holiday Season as the individual you have truly grown to be.

Online Only: $35