Erica Browder

Fitness has always been a part of my life starting with dance as a young girl, cheerleading in elementary school,  high school and college, as well as choreographing and performing as part of my college dance team. It was during the college years that workouts in the gym were required to stay in the best possible shape and I never turned back! 

While initially hating to run for any longer period of time I quickly saw the benefits of running not only physically but more importantly, mentally! I am a big believer in interval training and you will often find me posting my Peleton run workouts that I enjoy not only for the variety of workouts but the community and positive coaching!

I decided to dip my toe in teaching  group fitness classes in 1994 at a Bally’s Total Fitness in Northern VA when Reebok Slide became the newest workout trend, also teaching step and abs. I continued teaching at Catholic University in Washington DC during my years in law school.

I was introduced to fitness bad-ass Natalie Raitano in March 2023 when I decided to give her group workouts a try. I realized quickly we would become fast friends by her positive energy, great music and workouts that showed results!  I knew I would come back to teaching with Nat’s support and encouragement and am excited to be the early morning instructor for Total Body class! 

When I’m not doing workouts at the gym, you will definitely find me walking the hills of the neighborhood with my black lab, Finn, or cooking in the kitchen for my husband and son!