Mary Daniszewski

As a Sound Practitioner, my soul purpose is to provide a conduit between the receiver and the Sacred Instruments, revealing unconditional love, self awareness and healing frequencies, tones and sound waves. The S...

Spring Equinox, allowing light in Sky Sound Journey Meditation

Aired -

1h 10m
The Sound Journey provides an opportunity for you to achieve a meditative state with the assistance of the Sacred Sound Instruments: Sound Creation Gong, Chrystal Alchemy Bowls, chimes and a rain stick.

Trust the frequencies, tones and sound to assist your life force energy to reduce stress and fatigue and to grow both physically and spiritually. The receiver is invited to ride the waves of rejuvenation, relaxation and self awareness. If you have ever experienced difficulty meditating on your own, Sound is a wonderful way to help clear your mind of the thousands of thoughts we all have every day!

Preparation for a Sound Meditation Experience
  • Turn off notifications on your phone and dim the lights.
  • Ear buds or headphones are recommended.
  • Using a yoga mat, blankets, pillows, couch or bed, prepare your space so you can be comfortable during the mediation.
  • Optional: I like to use an essential oil or fragrant lotion to help set the intention for the experience.   Please have one by your side if you so choose.