Power Yoga 🔥 Heated Up (vax required)

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Video unavailable.

You will be asked to show proof of vaccination (physical card, photo, or the Excelsior Pass) when you check-in to the studio if you haven't already or you can upload it

If this practice does not feel right for you right now, or you have not been vaccinated, we have mixed classes as well as our livestreaming option.

Challenge yourself physically and mentally. 

This vigorous yoga practice is taught with an emphasis on building awareness, strength and flexibility by moving through a dynamic sequence of postures. Focus is brought to moving purposefully while recognizing and engaging each individual muscle in the body. Connect breath and movement, build internal heat, and leave feeling strong and centered. Variations in poses make this class available to all.

This heated class is open to all levels. Room is heated so be sure to bring water and a towel.