Seasonal Vinyasa Flow (vax required)

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Sam McKay

Sam McKay is a yoga teacher and an Ayurvedic Health Counselor in the Central New York area. She also holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Boston University. It was during her time in college that Sam was first...

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You will be asked to show proof of vaccination (physical card, photo, or the Excelsior Pass) when you check-in to the studio if you haven't already or you can upload it

If this practice does not feel right for you right now, or you have not been vaccinated, we have mixed classes as well as our livestreaming option

Wax and wane with the rhythm of the seasons.

Join us weekly for a practice that is designed with an awareness of the seasons and moon cycle. Each week the sequence will focus on a specific physical, energetic, or philosophical theme based on the current moon phase with a special emphasis on what's most affected by the current season. We will get powerful and playful as the moon waxes and then get grounded and slow down as the moon wanes. You can expect some repetitive elements each class throughout the season as repetition offers us a consistent check in so that we can get to know our bodies and hearts and move with more awareness and intelligence as to what we really need. These classes will be all-level and open to all students. No music will be played.