Kathleen Frizzi

Known for alignment-based classes that blend poses and breath like a meditation in motion, Kathleen believes ‘Motion is the lotion for keeping the body fluid’ and ‘where the mind goes, the energy flows’. Her class will connect your body and mind together, where you will experience now, and go beyond the physical. Although specific with anatomy, she has a relaxed style that allows for personal expression. She has been teaching yoga since the days when they wore loose comfy pants to yoga, circa 1999. Currently, Kathleen is studying Yoga with Nikki Costello and Ame Wren.

Kathleen started Pilates in 1995 at Brockport State as a dancer. There she studied many movement styles and methods like Somatics (certified Level 1), Feldenkrais Method, Alexander Technique, Tai chi, Qi Gong, and Capoeira. In 2010, Kathleen returned to studying Pilates intensely with Joy Karley in NYC. She taught one-on-one on all-equipment Pilates, including Reformer, at The Pilates Studio from 2010-2016, and continues to teach Mat Pilates. 

Kathleen is the founder of YogaSyracuse, which instead of maintaining a studio location, YogaSyracuse travels to you and gives back free Yoga to the community. Home or work, small groups or private, YogaSyracuse provides personalized Yoga, Pilates, or Meditation classes. Kathleen also coordinates Pop Up YogaSyracuse, and she launched Clinton Square Sunrise Yoga and Syracuse CoWorks Rooftop Yoga, all free of charge to the public. She has a passion for spreading the compassion we cultivate in our hearts through this work.

Happy Hour 🔥~ Heated up

with Kathleen Frizzi
1h 10m

The Uplift Flow - Elevate Your Week

with Kathleen Frizzi
1h 14m