Lulu Soni

Preferred Pronouns: she/ her Hometown: Paso Robles, California  Birthday: May 4th (taurus sun + moon)  Training: 200 hr Vinyasa + 100 hr Traditional Hot Yoga 26+2 Yoga To The People, 300 hr Lighthouse Yoga School...


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1h 6m
Our signature recipe, taught at an open level. The primary traditions we study and borrow from are Vinyasa, Katonah Yoga®, Taoist theory, Iyengar, Kundalini, and Hatha, as well as several different meditation and breathing practices. We believe that braiding from a diverse pool of influences helps create a stronger offering for physical, emotional, and cultural health and wellbeing. Teachers are encouraged to introduce their individual tricks and techniques to the recipe, so every class is unique! SKY TING Yoga is always evolving and varies greatly from teacher to teacher.