Full Moon Ritual + Restoratives

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Seane Corn

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This full January moon, the Wolf Moon, is about confronting our deepest emotions, fears, and concerns and creating a strong inner container for resilience, nurturance, and self-responsibility. 

This moon invites us to cultivate a better sense of protection, security, and empowerment and to reflect on issues related to our home and environment, family structures, and emotional well-being. 

Full moons bring a sense of illumination, so this is an opportunity to once again reflect on your visions and your intentions for 2022 and fine-tune them for more clarity. 

Items for the ritual:

Bring to your altar Smokey quartz, Onyx, or Black Tourmaline. These crystals ground, protect, heal, and deflect negative energy. You can use Selenite, Moonstone, or Labradorite for spiritual clarity, illumination, and transcendence. 

Also, have a candle (white is preferable) and a knife, as well as sage or palo santo that can be burned for purification and a journal to write down prompts or reflections. 

I also recommend taking a purification bath using Epsom salts afterward or a shower with a salt scrub.