New Moon Ritual

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Seane Corn

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This magnificent New Moon, the Buck Moon, falls on the astrological sign of fierce, sensual, and confident Leo and is also the third Super-moon in a row! 

This powerful midsummer lunar phase is perfect for manifestation, new chances, and opportunities. It beckons us to take risks, be bold, and raise our bar high, so let’s tap boldly into our unlimited intuitive potential, plant the seeds of our desires, and confidently set the transformational intentions needed to ignite these desires into grand and positive fruition!  

Join me on the mat, and let’s align our collective energies with the vibrational current of this regal, dynamic, and creative moon through a ritual practice that includes prayer, movement, breath-work, journal writing, meditation, and the creation of a sigil (sacred seal). 

Together, let’s center our intentions for this lunar cycle of new beginnings and in the spirit of fiery Leo, let’s SHOOT FOR THE MOON and call in intuitive expansion, earthly joy, and spiritual abundance! 

Bring to your altar items that represent the four directions:

🪶 East: Feather, lit incense stick, or sage
bundle, diffusor for essential oils
🕯 South: Lit candle, red ribbon
​🐚 West: Water, seashell

A candle and knife​ 🕯🔪
A journal​ 📓✍️

​Crystals of new beginnings and manifestation:

​ ​🌑 Moonstone
 🌑 Kyanite
 🌑 Red Jasper
​ 🌑 Quartz
 🌑 Labradorite
 🌑 Citrine
 🌑 Carnelian