Monday Meditation: Using Smokey Quartz to ground, lavender oil to calm, and meditation to deepen our connection to the earth, and to Source

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Seane Corn

Welcome to REVOLUTION WITHIN, a holistic online experience to support your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness during this time of COVID 19, national unrest, and day to day life. I have been teaching yog...
In this meditation, I begin by explaining the healing properties of Smokey Quartz and Selenite, their meaning, and the ways they assist us in our spiritual practice. I will also share about the calming qualities of lavender essential oil and how to work with it in our meditations. This will be followed by nadi shodana (alternate nose breathing), then a grounding visualization to connecting you to the power of the Earth and the way matter transforms into consciousness, preparing us to sit together in silence. I will conclude with a prayer to set our intention for the day.