Sacred Sunday & New Moon Ritual

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Seane Corn

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Join me for this New Moon ritual and prayer-based yoga practice to set our intentions for the next lunar cycle, planting seeds for new beginnings and a fresh start while also praying for personal and collective healing, liberation, and peace! 

In this ritual, we will create our monthly sigil (sacred seal), call in the four directions, invoke the Spirit realm, and then use our bodies to express our devotion with a deliberately paced and specifically sequenced asana practice infused with various heart-centered prayers. 

This class will be a sacred opportunity to activate our prayers with the power of this New Moon and reinvigorate the connection we have to ourselves, each other, this planet, and God. 

Suggested items to bring to your alter:
A candle and knife
Photos of people you want to offer prayers to

Items to represent the elements include:
Earth-crystal, stone, plant, and/or flowers
Air-feather and/or lit incense
Fire-lit candle and/or red ribbon
Water-seashell and/or  glass of water