The Subtle Body, Energetic Anatomy, and Illuminated Awareness

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Seane Corn

Welcome to REVOLUTION WITHIN, a holistic online experience to support your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness during this time of COVID 19, national unrest, and day to day life. I have been teaching yog...
Live - Zoom
This dynamic vinyasa flow class is designed to increase pranic flow through the whole body, stimulating the meridians and chakra system, especially the Ajna (Third Eye) and the Sahasrara (Crown) Chakras. We will spend time reflecting on the mind/body connection, trauma, energetic anatomy, including the Nadis, the Kosha (energetic sheaths of the body), and how Self-confidence is the key to greater intuitive power and Spiritual freedom. Through dynamic movement, skillful pranayama, deep meditation, and prayer, we will move toward embracing the wisdom of Spirit as the ultimate source of infinite wisdom and what it means to open our consciousness to the Divine.