Processing Call for Emotional Support

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Seane Corn

Welcome to REVOLUTION WITHIN, a holistic online experience to support your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness during this time of COVID 19, national unrest, and day to day life. I have been teaching yog...
These interactive emotional processing sessions are an opportunity to connect in real-time with the broader community of wellness practitioners worldwide and me. I will open by setting an intention and a brief dharma talk about what a revolution from within is, creates, and asks us on our spiritual journey. 

Conversations followed by a grounding meditation, questions for personal reflection, and an invitation for folks to share to the larger community what’s been coming up for them during this uncertain and complicated time in our lives. 

Through inquiry, journal writing, and breakout groups, we will explore various themes that can be helpful for clarity and healing.
  • Trauma and the mind/body connection
  • Stress response and self-regulation
  • Shadow work
  • The body's energetic system
  • Spiritual bypassing and personal accountability
  • How to build resilience
  • The connection between spiritual practice, collective care, and activism
...and so much more. 
These processing sessions can help you go deeper into your yoga practices and provide insight and guidance for further self-realization, emotional maturity, and spiritual wisdom. 
Even when apart, being in community allows us to witness each other's humanity, vulnerability, courage, and strength. Coming together in this way is an important reminder that we are not alone in our quest for revolutionary growth. 

It reminds us that the revolution we seek always begins within.