In Solidarity with India - Donation Class for COVID-19 Relief

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Seane Corn

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Let’s show our solidarity and respect for a country that has given so much to us.

Dear fellow yoga teachers, students, kirtan leaders, ayurvedic practitioners, and anyone who has been transformed by the deep wisdom, rich traditions, and beauty of India. 

Please know that the people there need our support. 

Covid is running through the continent like wildfire and folks are sick, suffering, and dying without adequate healthcare or access to resources… including oxygen. 

We have all benefited greatly from the spiritual wisdom passed down from South Asian saints, sages, teachers, healers, artists, and musicians. 

Now is the time to show our solidarity, gratitude, and respect, and support the various organizations that are working tirelessly to provide aid. 

All proceeds from this prayer-based yoga class will be split between Apne App and Milaap.

Apne App is an organization that advocates and provides aid for the millions of girls and women who are sex trafficked throughout the country and provide life-saving services to sex workers and marginalized families. 

These girls and women, already vulnerable to disease, poverty, and violence, are even more incredibly at risk during this time. 

Milaap is providing life-saving oxygen concentrators to facilities serving people suffering from the effects of COVID 19, especially in rural areas. 

Please give what you can.

Together, let’s move, breathe, pray and use our bodies to honor India and her people and give back to the culture that gave us yoga, and in doing so, transformed our lives forevermore.