Seane Corn

Welcome to Align With Source, a holistic online experience to support your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. I have been teaching yoga for over 25 years and have traveled throughout the world teaching...

Posture Lab: Shoulders and Backbends

Aired -

1h 18m
Posture Lab: This 75-minute alignment-based class will be deliberately sequenced, breaking down postures for optimal understanding and including much attention to detail, anatomy, and breath. I will weave the philosophical theme into the class with reflections about how that theme shows up on our mat. This class uses props that can include two blocks, a strap, a bolster or three blankets, wall space, and a chair.​

This class includes shoulder openers, twists, and backbending postures and continues the theme of Love of our Planet.


Align With Source ▽ LOVE
To Align with Source is the divine alchemy between truth, love, and wisdom.

It is through this alignment – which includes accountability, vulnerability, and surrender – we can transform the lead of our fear into the gold of our awareness and awaken to our most authentic spiritual nature.

In the spirit of this alchemy, I will offer three months of embodied practices to support you in your alignment and integration before the end of this year.

These transformational experiences will speak to the trifecta of TRUTH, LOVE, and WISDOM, moving us from matter into consciousness and preparing us to embrace ourselves, each other, and this planet as One.

Embrace the transformative power of truth, love, and wisdom within you.

TRUTH ▽ OCTOBER Confront limiting beliefs and harmful narratives that hold us back. Embrace vulnerability and acknowledge our unique truths. Understand the profound connection between mind, body, and soul.

LOVE ▽ NOVEMBER Healing emotional wounds and letting go of past trauma. Rediscovering personal power and fostering empathy within.Embracing forgiveness for ourselves and others.

WISDOM ▽ DECEMBER Trust our inner guidance, expanding our spiritual perspective. Surrender to our unique relationship with the divine. Acknowledge the interdependence between all souls and the actions necessary for lasting change. 

Over three transformative months, we'll unite in authentic harmony with ourselves and extend this unity to the world. This program includes live classes, bonus rituals, journal writing questions, and a wealth of content.