Posture Lab: Asmita, the ego, and arm balances

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Seane Corn

Welcome to REVOLUTION WITHIN, a holistic online experience to support your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness during this time of COVID 19, national unrest, and day to day life. I have been teaching yog...

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This 60-minute practice will be sequenced at a moderate pace creating a grounded physical and emotional experience that roots you in your body, centers your mind, and connects you with Spirit. It is the kind of steady, deliberate, and focused practice meant to stabilize your nervous system and decrease feelings of anxiety and stress. Through movement, breath, and self-regulation techniques, this practice can support you to remain calm, non-reactive, and open-hearted throughout your day. 

In each class, I will practice along with you while simultaneously instructing. This will allow me to demonstrate the poses, offer variations, and create an experience that is both informative and intimate with lots of space for quiet reflection and meditation. 

Loosely, each class will include an opening prayer, sun salute variations, standing pose sequence, backbends, forward bends, inversions, rest, and a closing prayer. I may also opt to workshop various standing postures or include restorative poses, so along with a yoga mat, please have a block, strap, and bolster if possible.True to my teaching style, these live-streamed classes will be unscripted, and the sequence will change weekly according to my discretion and inspiration.