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Seane Corn

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Embodying the sacred truths: An exploration of the philosophical teachings of yoga and how embodying them can transform your life and the world.

At the heart and soul of the teachings of yoga are the yoga sutras, an ancient philosophical text offered by the sage Patanjali, who lived sometime between 500 and 200 B.C. The etymology of the word philosophy (from the Greek words philo, meaning love, and sophos, meaning wisdom) provides a glimpse into why we study these sacred truths–for the love of wisdom. A wisdom that when embodied, can bring about the unification of mind, body, and spirit.

Atha Yoga Anushasanam (And now the study of yoga begins.) - Patanjali Sutra 1.1 

For this immersion, you’ll explore the subject of yoga as seen through the lens of the yoga sutras of Patanjali, and the eight-limbed path offered within, as well as other ancient texts and practices that support the reduction of the fluctuations of the mind. The embodiment of these sacred truths gives us the ability to practice restraint. It propels us towards a more sattvic state of being, which will positively impact all of our thoughts, speech, and actions–and ultimately have a beneficial impact on the world around us.

As yoga asana becomes more and more popular throughout the world, we must immerse ourselves in these foundational teachings. By honoring and respecting yoga's roots, we protect the integrity of this sacred practice and honor the lineage from which we all benefit. This ancient wisdom is crucial to our growth and provides the tools we need to heal and engage with the world with more intention, compassion, and a sense of interdependency.

The embodiment of the sacred truths allows us to come face to face with our humanity to realize the truth of who we are. Within the sutras and the ancient texts, we find keys for our collective liberation. Learning that not only our joy and triumphs, but also our grief, our anger, and our shadows have important lessons to teach us about how we show up. 

I invite you to join me as I walk with you on the journey to our collective liberation.

~ Seane

Why should you take this module now?

Have you ever experienced a time when your mind has become attached, restless, overly anxious, or distracted? Or maybe you’ve been fixated or obsessive about a personal or societal issue. Most of us have experienced this – our minds grasp on to a variety of thoughts that keep us either in the past or the future, keeping them restless, stupefied, infatuated, or distracted, resulting in unnecessary suffering.

Many of you will turn to your asana practice to help alleviate the physical stressors that come along with these afflictions of the mind–and it helps. But, the asana practice is only a single part of a philosophical eight-limbed path that leads to liberation and peace. The philosophical teachings of yoga have much to offer you and can transform you at a somatic, psychological, and spiritual level. 

Understanding and embodying the ancient philosophy of yoga helps you expand your awareness beyond the body. It provides the practical and metaphysical knowledge that broadens your perception, matures your awareness, and teaches you skills to implement this sacred wisdom into your daily life and choices. Understanding the sutras, living the yamas and niyamas, and viewing your behaviors through the lens of the kleshas will give you insights that can transform every single part of your life.

Seane’s teachings on these subjects provide clarity on the connection between the everyday actions we take and our spiritual practices, which allows us to witness the places within ourselves where we are disconnected from source. Through this witnessing, we begin the process of true awakening–the profound effects of which have a global impact on humanity.

“We are here in these bodies to awaken and learn what this love is.” ~ Seane Corn

What will you study in this module?

This 6-week module includes a foundational understanding of the ancient texts and traditions, including:

  • Yoga Sutras and the 8-limbed path
  • Vedas
  • Vedanta
  • Hatha
  • Tantra 

We will also explore:

  • Mantra 
  • Mudra
  • The three Gunas
  • Kriya
  • How these ancient principles relate to our contemporary circumstances

Each week, the mediations, posture labs, and asana practice will be organized to support the philosophical themes and include additional resources and questions for reflection and inquiry.

Is this module for you?

This immersion is for most levels of students interested in learning more about yoga’s philosophical roots while simultaneously embodying them through practices that include asana, meditation, and breathwork. 

If you are a teacher, this work will deepen your understanding of the ancient texts and how they apply to your life, studentship, and teaching. Seane will guide you into how you can bring this work into your classrooms and the ways you can weave it into our daily teachings. 

The six-week overview:

Week 1: The Yoga Sutra 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 
Week 2: The Yamas
Week 3: The Niyamas
Week 4: Mantra and Mudra
Week 5: Tantra Yoga
Week 6: Kriyas

Here’s what you can expect from our time together:

Monday Meditation @ 9am pst: This 45-minute practice will open with a talk about the philosophical theme for the week, followed by a silent meditation and a closing prayer of intention.

Tuesday's Posture Lab @ 9am pst: The 75-minute alignment-based class will be deliberately sequenced, breaking down postures for optimal understanding and including much attention to detail, anatomy, and breath. I will weave the philosophical theme into the class with reflections about how that theme shows up on our mat. This class uses props that can include two blocks, a strap, a bolster or three blankets, wall space, and a chair.

Thursday's Vinyasa Flow @ 9am pst: This 75-minute flow class will include the poses from the posture lab to create a dynamic embodied experience. The philosophical theme will continue to be introduced, reflecting on how it shows up in our life, family, and community. This class will provide questions for reflection and journal writing prompts.

Thursday's Mentorship Call @ 11am pst: Each week, I will offer a one-hour mentorship call for teachers or students who want additional insights and resources to deepen their understanding of these philosophies.

***To be part of the mentorship calls you must be a Wisdom Pass holder or purchase Embodying the Sacred Truths as a stand-alone.

Go at your own pace:

All classes for this module are saved to an on-demand replay library that you will have access to while your package is active.

“The 8-limbed path (as codified by Patanjali in the sutras) gives us a framework - a sadhana - from which you can reach towards samadhi – our awakening to our divine nature, which is pure love, and the ultimate goal of yoga.” ~ Seane Corn

Seane uses the asana practice as an experiential pathway, guiding students into an embodied journey that can release patterns of tension often caused by emotional suppression and trauma. Through the use of shadow work, energetic anatomy and the chakras systems, and psycho/spiritual inquiry, she enables her students to gain insight, awareness, and the ability to re-interpret the events in their life with more acceptance, compassion, and surrender.  

Seane’s ability to communicate these various teaching skills while weaving in a spiritual context and mystical reflection transforms her yoga class into a healing experience that steadies the body, opens the heart, inspires the soul, and connects the student with the God that dwells within.

Seane is considered an artist in her craft. Her classes are often described as transformational, insightful, uplifting, an embodied expression of devotion and prayer, a call to action, and a deeply spiritual experience that brings each soul back home to themselves in love. 

Align With Source is a year-long student/teacher immersion exploring the many facets of vinyasa flow yoga, as understood and interpreted by Seane.

“Through the study and integration of the sacred truths, we learn that everything happens the way it is supposed to in co-creation with the divine for the soul to transform.” ~ Seane Corn


“Seane has a brilliance and humility that is so inspiring to me as a student of the human condition. Using her intuitive gifts and her own lived experiences as a life-long student of yoga, she stitches the golden thread of the ancient yogic philosophies into practical, accessible practices that have a life-changing impact on me and my relationships. Thank you for these classes. They are a treasure for students and teachers alike.” – Anna L., Stanwood, WA

Suggested props for this course:

Two blocks, 4 blankets, and a strap

YA CEU Credits:

This immersion is good for 25 CEUs through Yoga Alliance if you have an active Yoga Alliance account. You will manually submit hours as a "non-YASEP" course. You can contact YA at 1-888-921-9642 | [email protected] when you're ready to submit your hours.

Cost for this program:

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Love Pass @ $99 per month
Wisdom Pass @ $149 per month
Embodying the Sacred Truths Pass @ $275 for one-time purchase (does not auto-renew)