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Welcome to Align With Source, a holistic online experience to support your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. I have been teaching yoga for over 25 years and have traveled throughout the world teaching...

Posture Labs: EBC-Chapter 7- Clarity, Confidence, and The Guru Within: This sequence consists of a variety of seated, supine, and standing hip openers that lead to padmasana (full lotus pose).

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It’s time for a radical transformation, an awakening – a Revolution of the Soul

For the first time ever, I’m offering a 12-week guided, embodied journey through my book, Revolution of the Soul. Part book club, part embodied experience, part inner inquiry, we’ll explore how you can radically transform your life and live more authentically while taking real accountability for you and the world around you.

“We are here in these bodies to awaken and learn what this love is.” ~ Seane Corn

This is not a journey solely of the mind; it is an embodied exploration of your soul's evolution! Navigating an extraordinary transformation can be a little scary, but you don’t have to do it without guidance and support. I’ve designed this guided inner journey to help you:

  • Experience your potential for radical healing
  • Awaken to the Truth of who you really are and release limiting beliefs
  • Free up energy that has been blocked and unleash your highest emotional and spiritual potential
  • Surrender the personal narratives that are holding you back 
  • Witness the unfolding of your soul’s evolution and the growth that comes from self-realization
  • Make clear, practical choices that can improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing
  • Take better accountability for personal and collective choices that have caused harm and separation
  • Establish “next-step” actionables that can bring more equity, resources, and peace to this world

Over the course of twelve insightful, reflective, and empowering weeks, you will embark on an immersive experience that can help you discover that the true revolution begins within, and it’s up to YOU to be that change you want to see and experience in this world for the betterment of ALL.

This experience is for you whether you’ve already read my book or will be reading it for the first time. If this will be your first time reading the book, you can expect this to be a unique experience where you will not just read the pages but embody the ideas chapter by chapter together in community. If you have already read the book, plan to dive deeper into the themes and receive first-hand teachings that will heighten your understanding of the content and encourage a personal level of self-reflection and accountability.

All are welcome on this purpose-driven journey regardless of experience.

Every Sunday, you will receive a series of thought-provoking journal writing questions tailored to the assigned chapter. As the week unfolds, we will unpack the essence of each chapter, unraveling its nuance and reflecting on its meaning and message. 

You can then join me live or on replays every Monday for a dharma talk about the weekly chapter and theme followed by a guided meditation, intention setting, and prayer, and on Tuesday and Thursday where you will experience dynamic yoga classes that embrace the chapter and theme of the week. 

Through the sacred union of the body, breath, reflection, meditation, and prayer, we will transcend limitations, integrating the theme in a way that is uniquely personal and meaningful to you.

What you can expect:

The 12-week immersion includes: 

  • One pre-recorded intro session to discuss the creation of Revolution of the Soul
  • A weekly live dharma talk and meditation on the theme of the week related to each of the twelve chapters in my book
  • Two live yoga asana classes aligned to the chapter’s primary themes
  • Weekly reflection questions for deep personal inquiry enabling you to bring the lessons from the book into your own experience
  • One live reflection and processing session at the end of the 12-weeks

As the 12 weeks draw to a close, we will come together as a united group, offering a sacred space to process your revelations, address any questions, and receive additional guidance. This culmination will magnify the impact of your learnings and bear witness to the insights and experiences of the other participants who have taken this journey alongside you. 

The evolution is the revolution, so join me now, and together, let's embark on this extraordinary revolution of the soul and discover the infinite power that resides with you!