Detox Flow Virtual Retreat: Welcome + Morning Practice (Zoom)

Aired -

Seane Corn

Welcome to Align With Source, a holistic online experience to support your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. I have been teaching yoga for over 25 years and have traveled throughout the world teaching...
Join me at 8:30am for a 30-min welcome session where I'll give an overview of the weekend, say "hi," and answer any questions in the chat. The class will begin at 9am pst.

In this grounding and informative class, we'll explore internally rotated poses designed to elongate the spine and torso and decompress the tension on the vital organs, including the liver, gallbladder, large and small intestines, and stomach.

We'll create an optimal environment for increased circulation and lymphatic flow, decreased joint inflammation, and engaged core work through deep breath work, specific cueing, and deliberate movement.

The class will include meditation, reflection, intention setting, and prayer.

Suggested props:
2-4 blankets, 2 blocks, a bolster, and a strap. Substitutions for props could be towels or throw blankets, hardcover books for blocks, firm pillows for a bolster, and a belt, scarf, or handtowel for a strap.