Mystic Flow: Global Healing Prayer with a full bodied flow that incorporates hamstring, quad, hip, spine, and shoulder openers

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Seane Corn

Welcome to Align With Source, a holistic online experience to support your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. I have been teaching yoga for over 25 years and have traveled throughout the world teaching...

Yoga • Ritual • God • Prayer • Magick • Peace

This 10-week course weaves together yoga, magick, ritual, and prayer to become a heightened, soul-stirring, mystical practice that connects us to the magnificence of the Source within. It reveals the power of our intuitive knowing and shows us how we can use the elegance of our bodies and breath as an offering to be in loving service to all.

For when we align our body and breath with conscious intentions, our practice becomes an expression of devotion that churns energy, moves matter into consciousness, channels Spiritual awareness, and allows us to redirect healing, God-fueled, love-filled energy out into the world in the name of love and peace.    

What will you study in this module?

This 10-week module will demystify the mystical, exploring and unpacking esoteric and spiritual practices such as:

  • Understanding the key concepts of the intersection of yoga, ritual, and magick
  • Learning how to use your body to pray
  • Utilizing transitions, dristi, breathwork, mantra, and mudra in your ritual practice
  • Embracing and committing to bring God into your practice (and teaching) in a non-denominational and inclusive way
  • Turing your practice space into a living altar
  • Learning specific facilitation skills for teachers to understand how to organize and design a prayer-based class

Each week is organized to support these themes and includes additional resources and questions for reflection and inquiry. This will include seven unique meditations and prayers to open and close a class so that you can use my words to practice setting conscious intentions in your practice or teaching.

Is this module for you?

This immersion is for most levels of students interested in learning more about esoteric, divine, magickal and spiritual–not religious–practices that can accompany your yoga practice or yoga teaching. 

Yoga is a deeply spiritual and transformative practice that allows you to have more conscious contact with the God of your own understanding. Creating a ritual and practicing Body Prayer can help your experience on the mat become more meaningful and purposeful and encourage you to carry that energy with you off the mat. 

This immersion is for people of all spiritual or religious beliefs or none at all. Even if you’re an atheist, yoga provides access to deeper parts of yourself that can be liberating and energetically healing for you and others. Regardless of what you believe in, in this immersion, we’ll work as a community in a non-denominational way to generate healing, love, forgiveness, and peace for all beings.

If you are a teacher, this work will deepen your understanding of bringing your students into a sacred container using your authentic voice, spiritual beliefs, intuitive gifts, and creativity. Doing so will create a transformative experience for your students in every class. You’ll also learn how to craft a New Moon or Full Moon ritual and bring correspondences like the elements and crystals into the classroom to magnify the communal intention and prayers. 


Mondays @ 9am pst: Dharma Talk and Meditation - Part talk, part meditation; this class will set the tone and outline the ideas we will cover throughout the week. Each 45-minute class will center around a different theme. Each class opens with an explanation of the week's theme, followed by pranayama, guided meditation, and a silent sit. The class will close with a prayer of intention.

Tuesdays @ 9am pst: Posture Lab - In this class, we’ll dig deeper into the week’s theme and break down the related asana practice into its core components. We’ll focus on holding poses and deepening your knowledge of the asanas, breathwork, and other concepts. This 75-min alignment-specific practice enables us to hold poses longer (and safely) for optimal mind/body benefits. Various props will be used, including two blocks, a chair, a strap, two blankets, and the wall. 

Thursdays @ 9am pst: Energizing Vinyasa Flow - This class is an invigorating vinyasa flow using the themes for each as a rich accompaniment. Building off of Tuesday's class, this 75-minute vinyasa flow practice will help increase energetic activation, balance the central nervous system, relieve tension, discharge energy, and provide space for deep emotional reflection and release. Class includes sun salutes A & B, a standing sequence, backbends, forward bends, meditation, spiritual reflection, and rest.

Friday @ 9am pst: Mystic Flow - This heart-centered class combines all the week's work into a rhythmic, soulful, and fully embodied prayerful experience. This practice will be an opportunity to optimize the learnings, reflect on their personal impact, release stagnant energy, and process what may arise emotionally as you move, breathe, feel, and heal. Class includes sun salutes A & B, a standing sequence, backbends, forward bends, meditation, spiritual reflection, and prayer. 

Go at your own pace

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Suggested props for this course

Two blocks, 4 blankets, and a strap

YA CEU Credits

Depending on your participation, this immersion could be good for up to 65 CEUs through Yoga Alliance if you have an active Yoga Alliance account. You will manually submit hours as a "non-YASEP" course. You can contact YA at 1-888-921-9642 | [email protected] when you're ready to submit your hours.


“Seane has a brilliance and humility that is so inspiring to me as a student of the human condition. Using her intuitive gifts and her own lived experiences as a life-long student of yoga, she stitches the golden thread of the ancient yogic philosophies into practical, accessible practices that have a life-changing impact on me and my relationships. Thank you for these classes. They are a treasure for students and teachers alike.” – Anna L., Stanwood, WA

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