Full Corn Moon Ritual

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Seane Corn

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In this pre-recorded class, we will honor the powerful illumination of this Full Corn Moon (aka Harvest Moon), which takes place on the autumnal equinox, when the sun moves across the celestial equator (moving from north to south) to mark the beginning of Autumn and the cooler days ahead. Just as the leaves are changing, we, too, are transforming in preparation to “harvest” the magic of our intentions. 

The Corn Moon is an opportunity to ready ourselves to “reap what we sow” and prepare for the fruition of past seeds planted. In the presence of this moon magic, we are invited to rest, reflect, and go inward. We will release that which no longer serves us or is holding us back from feelings of connection, purpose, and wholeness and open our hearts to the abundant growth of new beginnings ahead. 

Please bring a white candle, knife, journal, pen, palo santo, or sage for cleansing, as well as selenite, labradorite, or quartz crystal for spiritual activation and insight.