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Day 3: The Yoga of Awakening Virtual Retreat ▽ Morning Flow Class

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1h 51m
The Yoga of Awakening is a holistic, embodied, spirit-evoking process of becoming more aware, conscious, and connected to your true and most authentic nature. 

It involves waking up to the inherent spiritual wisdom, emotional power, and creative potential that lies within yourself and in all beings.

Please join me Sept. 8-10 for my The Yoga of Awakening Virtual Retreat and allow me to guide you on a transformative and healing journey dedicated to self-discovery, inner awakening, and connecting to the truth of your soul.

This thought-provoking and healing weekend is dedicated to a holistic and spiritual approach to the science of yoga. 

Together, we will delve into the layers of self-discovery, self-realization, and mystical awakening, providing you with transformative tools to unlock your fullest potential. 

Each practice and teaching will invigorate your journey, helping you awaken dormant energy and embrace personal growth, spiritual expansion, and a more meaningful, fulfilling, and purpose-driven life.

Join me for this very special weekend virtual retreat and embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, awakening, and transformation. It’s time to embrace the power within and step into a life of purpose, fulfillment, and limitless potential.