Committed to Bliss | Yearly Virtual Pass $444.00 per year
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    (averaging about $1.21 per day)
    When you pay, you pay attention.
    Commit to your bliss.
    • locked in price for the year
    • all livestreams
    • all replays
    • special moon yoga + ritual classes
    • all the bliss!
    • a big commitment to yourself

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Unlimited Bliss | Monthly Pass In Person + Virtual Pass $88.00 per month
  • This pass is for the Myrtle Beach local who wants to attend any regularly scheduled classes and have unlimited access to the virtual studio.

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Unlimited Bliss | Monthly Virtual Pass Free $55.00 per month later
  • Try for 2 days for FREE and cancel anytime!
    What you get: 
    • unlimited live-streamed yoga classes 
    • unlimited yoga class replays
    • unlimited meditation + yoga challenges
    • a whole lotta bliss
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Empowered + Radiant 5 week Series $44.00 valid for 1 years
  • A 5 week virtual series to Stand in your power and Radiate self confidence + Love.

    Movement, Journaling + Discussion

    Free for monthly members! or purchase this pass for just this series.

  • One-time charge
High Vibe Eating | 4 Week Course with Melina Harrington $22.00 valid for 1 years
  • This pass is for all 4 weeks
    You'll have access to the course material for 1 year.

    Curious about plant based eating? Or want a sustainable way to add more vibrant nutrient dense food into your life? Melina is an inspiration and will have you ready to live your healthiest life in a sustainable, non-restrictive way. 
  • One-time charge
21 Day Meditation Challenge $11.11 valid for 1 years
  • 21 days to bliss meditation challenge. Full access to this series for the year!
    This pass is for the meditation challenge only. 
    Monthly members have free access to the meditations.
  • One-time charge
21 Day Chanting Challenge $11.11 valid for 1 years
  • There is so much power in the sound and vibration of chanting. You do not need experience, in fact, this is a great series for beginners.
    You will also receive a mantra sheet with all 21 mantras we will be doing, so you can read and chant if you would like as well.
    This is a one time payment for all 21 days, which you will have access to after it ends as well.
    If you want access to Yoga and other classes, then the monthly membership may be a better option for you. This will only give you access to the 21 days of chanting challenge.
  • One-time charge
Drop into Bliss | One Class Pass $10.00 one time use
  • Just want to try it?

    This class pass is good for:
    • livestreams
    • replays
    • moon yoga + ritual class
  • One-time charge