Vanessa Santos Eugenio (she/her)

Vanessa (she/her/hers) began her journey practicing yoga in the early 2000’s through meditation in high school after the opportunity to go to the Karmê Chöling Meditation Center in a World Religions course.
In 2004 she attended her first formal Hatha yoga class in her first year of her undergraduate studies and has been drawn to embodied healing practices ever since.
Vanessa is a trauma informed instructor, drawn to help participants find healing through yoga practice on the path to liberation, inner strength and empowerment. She has a personal vested interest in social justice, inclusion and is dedicated to making yoga accessible to all people. She believes that mindfulness is not only a path for personal peace and well-being but ultimately for the peace and well-being of all. A central focus of her yoga practice is to actively investigate and address racial injustice and intersecting forms of oppression for all people.
Vanessa holds an M.Ed. in Interdisciplinary Education and Counseling from the University of Vermont. As a long-time educator and facilitator, she brings a thoughtful and informative lens when teaching, honoring the deep and rich history that yogic practices hold.
Her classes are thoughtfully and intuitively crafted to create a simple rhythm for participants to enter a flow state. Participants can expect yoga and meditation classes that are inclusive, welcoming and facilitated with warmth and care. Each of her classes include thoughtful yogic insights and poetry in addition to meditation and asana. Her hope is that her students take their experience on the mat into their daily lives.
Credentials and Training:
  • RYT 200 HR, Laughing River Yoga, VT
  • Trauma Informed Yoga Summit (5 Day Retreat)
  • The Resilience Summit: Mental Health + Yoga Skills to Thrive in Uncertainty (4 Day Retreat)
  • Embodied Social Justice Certificate Program (60-hour) with Rev. angel Kyodo williams
  • Trauma Informed Yoga Training: Best Practices, Neuroscience & Social Justice
  • Shadow Work: The Beauty of Darkness
  • Yoga Teacher Conference: Up level your skill for changing times (4 Day retreat)
  • Happiness, Mindfulness & Health in Counseling, UVM
  • Dismantling R*pe Culture Conference: The Time for Radial Liberation is Now with Rev. angel Kyodo Williams