Sienna Devoe-Talluto

For Sienna (she/her) yoga is all about reconnecting to the kindness in your heart. Her classes are infused with joy and playfulness while rooted in philosophy. She provides clear cueing and thoughtful sequencing and always encourages participants to move in harmony with their breath and intuition. She hopes that you leave her classes feeling strong and empowered to show up more fully in all areas of life. 

Sienna started practicing yoga in middle school when a studio opened up within walking distance of her home. The yogic philosophy that was presented in those classes supported Sienna in coping with the stress of early adolescence and by the time she was in high school she felt the transformative power of this practice and knew she wanted to share it with others. Sienna completed her 200hr YTT in 2016 through Laughing River Yoga at age 16 and started teaching weekly at school to a group of friends that met before class. Sienna has continued to follow this deep sense of purpose ever since. 

Sienna provides structured asana sequences with intention and care, but you are always welcome to move in the way that feels best for you.  You are your greatest teacher and Sienna hopes to reflect your wisdom back to you.

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Certifications and Trainings:
2016 - 200 RYT - Laughing River Yoga 
2017 - 25 Hour Restorative - Lunar Flow 
2017 - Teacher Enhancement Program - Laughing River Yoga 
2020 - 50 Hour Trauma Informed Yoga - Body wise Institute 
2021 - Reiki I and II - Laughing River Yoga 
2021 - Yoga Teacher Training Assistant and Mentor - Sangha Studio 
2022 - 8 Month Reiki Master Apprenticeship - Adina Marie
2023 - Yin Yoga - Laughing River Yoga 

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