Niamh O'Connor (she/her)

Niamh (neev, she/her) is a Burlington-based, cisgendered, able bodied yogi. Her YTT training at Open Doors in Weymouth, MA gears her practice towards power vinyasa, heat and strength. 

Since college, Niamh's yoga practice was a way to address her anxiety and disordered eating patterns. Learning more about the machinations of the body was a vehicle for quietening her mind and finding center. 

Niamh's classes are meditative, breath based core flows. Optional pranayama, strengthening targeted body parts and long holds in deep stretches. Lights will be low, vibes will be high and self paced option is always available. All practice levels welcome! :)

Outside of the studio, you can find Niamh crushing some dank coffee, screen printing at Iskra and (learning to) slam on the Tennis and Basketball court.