Lainey Gaetano

Lainey (she/they) is a queer, white, neurodiverse yoga teacher and neuromuscular massage therapist who centers their yoga practice around bodily sensation and our ability to find equanimity (a calm, non reactive mind). Lainey brings their background of massage therapy and bodywork to their yoga practice, tying together the benefits of the eight limbs of yoga with postural alignment and neuromuscular reeducation. They draw inspiration from their work in pain mitigation and follows their curiosity for effective ways to calm pain patterns and relax the body into a sense of safety. In their classes, one can expect meditation, Buddhist philosophy, and slower, creative sequencing crafted to invite exploration of sensation and awareness. 

Lainey started their yoga journey in 2015 with the goal to work on their balance and stability. At the time, they wanted to be able to reliably stand on one foot; a simple goal that unlocked their ability to connect with their body in new ways. Their personal practice has had ebbs and flows, as the journey with yoga so often does, but Lainey continues coming back to their mat to find the solace they need. She has learned that their practice will always be there for them if they continue to nurture it, and no matter how far they stray from the path, it is only as far as the next step forward. Lainey loves sharing this sentiment with their students and encourages everyone to start where they are with a loving heart. 

Lainey joined the Sangha community in late 2018 shortly after moving to Vermont. They immediately felt at home supporting a non-profit studio rooted in social justice that strives to make yoga accessible for everyone. In 2022, they completed their 200 hour YTT with Evolution Physical Therapy and Yoga in Burlington and came home to Sangha to rediscover their own practice. They view teaching as an extension of her personal practice and enjoys the mutual exchange of questions and lessons with their students. 

Off the mat, you can find Lainey working with their massage clients, hanging out on the floor with their two cats, and walking aimlessly outside soaking up the sun.