Jenna Giguere (she/her)

Jenna (she/her) is thrilled to be deepening her relationship with movement and yoga here at Sangha Studio. Growing up as a dancer, Jenna has been drawn to all types of movement as a connection to our bodies, minds, and spirit. 

She was introduced to yoga in her teens as a way to improve strength and flexibility as a dancer, and yes! Yoga does just that- but she quickly found that yoga was much, much more. Diving into her own asana practice, she dreamed of the day when she could take yoga to the next level and deepen her understanding of it all. Jenna completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher training in 2022 through Radiance Yoga in the Berkshires of MA. This training came at the perfect time where she was ready for transition and she couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity.

Jenna’s passion for teaching and mentorship has been evident in her work as Dance Coach for the Champlain College Dance Team for the past 6 years. Her goal as a teacher is to cultivate a safe space for students to find their flow, whatever that flow looks like! Creating soft and slow movement allows us to really feel the dance and rhythm within all of us, and find that place of breath to movement, and attention to our inner selves in the process. 

Sangha studio holds a special place in her heart as it is the first studio that cemented the idea that you do not need to look like anyone else in the room, that you come as you are, and leave a little better for taking a moment out of your day *for you.* Her practice would be entirely different if it wasn’t for the safe space that is Sangha. 

Jenna currently lives in Winooski, and has a love for non-profit arts administration, vintage clothing, theater and dance, local food, farmers markets, swimming holes, and her street bike in the summer. Oh and a freshly grown tomato from anyone’s garden! When she isn’t at Sangha, you can probably find her sitting on her front porch with a fantasy book in her hand.