Eric Coker (he/him)

Eric (he/him) was trained as an engineer and scientist.  While this background provided him with many adventures, employment, and a deep mechanistic understanding of the world, it left a yoga sized hole in his heart.  Luckily, when the mental and physical toll caused by decades of being deeply embedded in western culture finally caught up to him, there were skillful teachers available to meet him where he was at, to show him another way of looking at, being in, and engaging with, the world. 

As a teacher, Eric wants nothing more than to pay forward the work of his teachers by serving others who are finding their own way to a beautiful practice.  Eric enjoys using science, metaphor, philosophy, and story to help bring the practice of yoga alive and point to the importance of practice to daily life.  Mindful attention is at the center of all of his classes which are geared towards all abilities.  His classes allow time and space for detailed cues and going inward as well as flow designed to help integrate those details and insights into a larger context.

Eric completed his 200 hour yoga teacher training at Evolution PT and Yoga in 2022 after several years practicing there and elsewhere in the Burlington area.  After Evolution closed he is happy to have found a new yoga home base at Sangha.

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