Devon Penny (she/her)

Devon (she/her) navigates the world as a white, able-bodied, cisgender yogi currently living on unceded Abenaki and Wabenaki land in Vermont. 

As a yoga instructor and space holder, it is Devon’s intention to offer accessible, connective yoga classes welcoming and inclusive of all bodies, abilities, ages, gender identities, ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds. 

Devon, a former gymnast, came to yoga in 2008 and was intrigued by the challenge of folding herself into a pretzel like the days of her youth. However, over time she noticed the benefits of yoga extending far beyond the physical postures. Experiencing how yoga invites deeper self awareness and trust allows Devon to connect to the wisdom & guidance of her own inner teacher. It is from this place of inquiry and devotional care for others that Devon invites students to access their own individual experience on and off the mat.

In navigating a lifelong relationship with anxiety, trauma, and chronic illness, Devon appreciates the points of access within yoga which remind us that we are deeply worthy of love and belonging just as we are. This is a constant theme in her approach to teaching. Devon believes we can only meet others as deeply as we’ve met ourselves - it is from a place of understanding deep suffering and grief wherein she also appreciates the importance of joy, playfulness and humor in our lives and on our mats. In her classes you can anticipate opportunities for grounding, effort, movement, stillness & rest. Devon loves using yoga props. In her classes there is always encouragement to explore the use of props to enhance shapes and offer access. With accessibility in mind, her instruction simply serves as a guide. Devon invites each practitioner to trust in the wisdom of their own self guidance at any time throughout class to meet their own needs. 

Beyond teaching, Devon deeply values the community and activism aspects of yoga and she believes that our collective liberation is so profoundly interconnected to one another’s healing and well being. In recent years, Devon began to study more deeply through the lens of social justice work and body liberation. Devon understands that her privilege as a white, straight sized, cisgendered, able-bodied person allows her access to spaces, experiences, relationships and multitudes of living in the world which are not afforded to everyone. She is committed to reducing harm and maximizing inclusivity within the modern yoga world and acknowledges with deep appreciation the multi-thousand year old cultural yogic traditions and lineages of teachers from India & South Asia.

Allergies & Fragrance Sensitivities: Devon does not use essential oils, incense or fragranced products in her classes. She invites folks coming to class to be mindful of the sensitivities of others when joining for practice in community. 

Years Teaching: 7
- E-RYT 200
- YTT 200hr at Sangha Studio
- Trauma Sensitive Yoga Workshop (10 hr)
- Trauma Informed Yoga Training with Eleanor Bramwell/Bodywise (20 hr)
- Teaching Size Inclusive Classes Workshop with Amy Mincher 
- Yoga & Anatomy with Andrea Trombley
- Chair Yoga Level 1 with Catherine Hamilton (10 hr)
- Honoring Yoga's Roots Workshop w/ Susanna Barkataki (19 hr)
- Accessible Yoga Conference (22 hr)
- Skill in Action: Radicalizing your Yoga Practice to create a Just World with Michelle C. Johnson
- Teacher Renewal with Jason Crandall
- Mental Health First Aid Certification

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Find Devon's class playlists here:

Slow Flow

with Devon Penny (she/her)

Gentle Yoga (60 min)

with Devon Penny (she/her)
1h 1m

Flow (60 mins)

with Devon Penny (she/her)
1h 1m